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Welcome to KESS LIttle League!

KESS Little League Umpires

Basic Information and Guidelines

Prospective candidates interested in serving as umpires for KESS must submit an application to the UIC. The application will be reviewed and will be presented to the President for approval. Preference will be given to candidates with professional certification from other organizations. Adult candidates should also have demonstrated, documented, training in umpiring. Successful candidates will also be required to attend a mandatory training/orientation conducted by the KESS UIC. A test will be administered following this event and will need to be passed. Periodic training meetings may also be required during the season.

In an effort to provide training and teaching to future umpires, a limited number of inexperienced umpires, aged 16-18 will be considered for the 2015 season. Applicants should have documented experience as a baseball or softball player or umpire. Preference will be given to varsity or junior varsity players in local programs.

In order to provide for adequate training for inexperienced umpires, young umpires will always be paired with an experienced, qualified umpire. Ideally, young umpires will work the bases for the first five games, then be placed behind the plate for their sixth game.  The senior umpire will provide analysis to the young umpire following each game, then forward a report to the UIC. The UIC will endeavor to provide each young umpire with at least on tournament game following the season. Two umpires will always be assigned to work KESS games, and at least one will be an experienced and trained adult.  All umpires will have a Little League “patch”. (does not necessarily need to be visible)

All umpires must provide three criminal background checks, required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These include the PA State Police Criminal Background check, The Pa Child Abuse Clearance, and the FBI Criminal Background check. The umpire will be responsible for payment for, and securing of, these documents. Umpires will deliver these documents to the President of KESS Little League, who will maintain these records for the current season. Pursuant to state law, umpires will renew their background checks every three years. Umpires under the age of 18 years of age will not be required to undergo the FBI Criminal Check.

All umpires will provide their own equipment and uniforms. They will be expected to look professional at all times, and will be dressed in a full and proper uniform when officiating games. The uniform will include; gray slacks, black shoes, black belt, navy shirt, (or powder blue in season), navy hat, indicator, and umpire note book. When working the plate, umpires will also have a black or navy ball bag, shin protectors, chest protector, approved mask or helmet with throat guard. The UIC will approve all uniforms and protective gear.

Umpires will be expected to work all games assigned to, and accepted by them.  They are expected to be at the field at least ½ prior to game time. They are expected to be courteous, knowledgeable and professional at all times. They will uphold the ideals of the profession, the organization, and Little League.

Download the KESS umpire application here.

For more information, contact:

Edward R. Gray, UIC

[email protected] or (239) 293-8094

Field Status

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South Bend Field (06:13 PM | 02/10/19)

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South Bend  (06:13 PM | 02/10/19)

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Elderton Rec (06:13 PM | 02/10/19)

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Montebell Field  (06:13 PM | 02/10/19)